Dear neighborhood residents,

Welcome to the Blixembosch neighborhood prevention site

A group of enthusiastic people Who are committed to the safety and quality of life in our beautiful neighborhood. This is done in collaboration with the municipality of Eindhoven, city supervision and our local police officer. Proof that the collaborative effort between these organisations has been a good one can be seen through out our neighbourhood already!

By being actively involved with our neighborhood and being alert to simple things, the police can act quickly and adequately.

With this, vandalism, burglaries and other unpleasant circumstances are solved at a faster pace.

Keep an eye on this site!

Here you can find tips and advice on how you can make your own environment safer and how you can assist others in doing this. Announcements will be made on the site so that you as a resident can also be alert.Everything is therefore geared to a safe and friendly neighborhood.

This is in favor of a safe environment for your children, a reassured feeling and a lasting value of your home. Help us, together with the many volunteers and official bodies, forge “Buurtpreventie Blixembosch” into an uninterrupted link of forces around our neighborhood.

We are looking forward to it!
Are you?

Would you also like to contribute to the safety and quality of life in Blixembosch? Then visit the link below to find out more!

via the pages: https://www.buurtpreventieblixembosch.nl/contact/ or https://www.buurtpreventieblixembosch.nl/aanmelden/

Blixembosch Neighborhood Prevention Coordinators

For seven years, the Blixembosch Neighborhood Prevention Team has developed into a group of 50 enthusiastic neighborhood residents. With many successes over the years including that of having found burglars on their way to stealing from properties, proving that the impact of the collaboration of these organisations can mean a lot to our neighbourhood.

Given the size of the neighborhood, we want to grow further. More neighborhood incentives will yield for a safer neighborhood.

That is why we call on everyone to contribute to the safety and quality of life in our community.

The more we are able to intergrate as a community, the better it will be for the safety in and around our neighbourhood.

Would you also like to do something?

Take action and sign up!

We can achieve maximum results with minimum effort!

If you would like anymore information before signing up, take a look at municipality Eindhoven’s website via the link below:


Kind regards,
Nicoline and Gertjan