Why Neighborhood Prevention

What is neighborhood prevention?

Despite the continued efforts of the police and other emergency services, the number of burglaries, thefts and vandalism continues to increase. That mean could mean great damage to personal items, but also annoyance, anxiety and sometimes even fear.

The purpose of neighbourhood prevention is so that residents and police can jointly ensure that thieves, burglars and vandals have less opportunities damage property. This is possible by paying extra attention and by being more involved with the street, apartment or neighbourhood where you live. Your experiences and those of others enable the police and local residents to stay better informed of problems within the neighbourhood. For you, this means being able to take effective precautions, so that the police can take them into account in their daily work.

The neighbourhood prevention initiative is intended to be for residential problems happen at a regular or precise basis (For example, during holidays or darker lit days). However, for it to work; the neighbourhood would need a large proportion of its residents to be willing to do something about this together with the help of the police. If participation is insufficient, a neighbourhood prevention team – of course – cannot get off the ground. Neighbourhood prevention does not cost much of your time and effort, but it can give a lot back, in this case a safer and quieter neighbourhood.

Neighborhood prevention: are you participating?

You may have seen them walk around, the volunteers from the neighbourhood prevention with the yellow vests. They are just residents. Maybe they even your neighbours. They are the eyes and ears of the police and city surveillance and thus contribute significantly to the safety and quality of life in Blixembosch. Safety and standing of the neighbourhood is often an important motivation for the volunteers to participate.

The Neighbourhood prevention is active in around 50 neighbourhoods of Eindhoven. More than 1,500 volunteers work with it. On alternating days and times, they walk in groups of at least 2 people for about an hour through the neighborhood. They notice and report issues in the area of clean, whole and safe and pass them on to the police. The reports are dealt with as quickly as possible. Neighbourhood prevention has a visible effect in the neighbourhoods where it’s active.

The use of neighbourhood prevention has drastically reduced the number of burglaries and nuisance in recent years. Because the neighbourhood is still growing, we are looking for more neighbourhood prevention volunteers. They can walk neighbourhood prevention rounds once they have followed a training course that is given and funded by the municipality of Eindhoven. Advantages of neighbourhood prevention are:

  • you help make the neighborhood safer
  • you get to know people
  • you get to know the neighborhood
  • you enjoy moving outside

If you are interested in coming to our team, send a message via our contact page.

What isn’t it?

Neighbourhood prevention therefore has everything to do to keep eyes and ears open for your own interest and that of your immediate surroundings. Bear in mind that it is not the intention to exercise “control” or to infringe on the private life of others

Figures from the Blixembosch and Castilielaan districts

Figures overview 2020 compared to 2021

3e kwartaal 20211e kwartaal 2022
burglary house
theft car03
burglary car74
theft motor/bike84
yought nuisance1839
neighbors quarrel83
confused person516
traffic accident00

What does a neighborhood prevention team do ?

The task of the neighbourhood prevention team is to actively involve, inform, motivate and mobilise local residents.

  • Involve in the neighbourhood to increase a sense of community.
  • Inform people about neighbourhood prevention issues, neighbourhood safety and what people as local residents can do themselves to prevent burglary, theft, nuisance and vandalism (such as: do not leave any items visible in the car, do not leave the radio / front in the car or the window to leave open);
  • Motivate to actively look at what is happening on the street (the starting point is that the residents themselves know best what is and is not right in their environment);
  • Mobilising residents to report cases to the police and / or the municipality (14-040), and to alert the police when something is happening that is suspicious. Making a digital report is also very important. Something that is not reported cannot be solved.

Where does a neighborhood prevention team run ?

The coordinators of Buurtpreventie Blixembosch have a schedule that coordinates who is doing their rounds, so that almost all streets are covered by a group of alert and active volunteers on several days and times during the week.

Talk about it

Of course, neighbourhood prevention requires interest and commitment from as many residents as possible. Talk about it with your neighbours or friends from your street or surroundings. What they think about it and whether they might want to participate in our neighbourhood prevention team

Would you like to contribute to a safer neighborhood? Then you can register here or request information.